Protect your business and assets.

Securing your assets since 2012


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Protecting your assets, putting our customers first by providing an exceptional service, focusing on continuously building a respectable brand.

Who we are

Capital Guarding is a service driven security solutions provider. We have a full technical team to assist with the frustrations of electronic security. Whether it be the first line of defense (electric fencing, beams, CCTV) or access control (gates, gate motors, booms, spike barriers), our security officers are PSIRA registered and intensive in-house training is provided to ensure the best on-site services are delivered.

What we do

With an extensively trained technical team we can assist in all technical security issues on site. Our services include access control, CCTV, booms, gate motors etc, eliminating wasted time waiting on subcontractors. Our security officers are intesively trained and Psira accredited. Ongoing site training remains one of our top priorities throughout our contracts.

Protecting your business.

We protect your business as well as your business premises so that you can focus on your growth. We are not only contractors, we are your partners.