Some proud moments and arrests


The reality we face today, not everyone phoning you will be phoning for legal business requirements. A lot of the time it is syndicates gathering information from non suspicious “suppliers”.

What they use

Signal jammer, hi jacked trucks and generally rentals.

Who are these people working for and whos at risk

Generally a larger syndicate, from TV’s, Fridges, canned foods, flip flops, electronics etc. Everyone is at risk as long as you have any form of commodity you will be at risk. Items generally get hijacked on the trucks, trailers are hooked onto another truck and the syndicates move the trailers to a “safe space” where offloading is done.

Making arrests in the security industry is a requirement, our officers are trained to handle extreme situations. Given the fact that we live in a time where it feels like criminals have more rights than a law-abiding citizens we have great relationships with our SAPS services in our guarding areas. We ensure to engage with the local SAPS whenever we have the opportunity. Crime is not something that can be rid by the thinly spread SAPS services alone. We need security and SAPS partnerships.

SAPS, plays an intergral part in our company, from opening dockets to getting the suspects to court. Their work is probably some of the most overlooked jobs currently in South Africa. They have limited resources to perform their duties, they are targets of crime and their families lives are often put at risk.

We understand the frustration they have daily and therefore we endeavour to remain within the permeters of the law. As we see ourselves as partners of SAP we make arrests swiftly and decisively. Suspects are handed over to SAPS once a docket has been opened. Once this process has been completed we follow the court of law until the suspects are convicted.

Protecting your business.

We protect your business as well as your business premises so that you can focus on your growth. We are not only contractors, we are your partners.