Technical Solutions

Our expertise - your solution

We are proud to announce that we have our own in-house technicians specialising in commercial, corporate and industrial solutions.

Our teams specialise in: Access control, booms, CCTV, electronic booms, electric fencing, electric fence COC’s, gate motors, ground loops and more.

With a complete understanding of how corporate, commercial and industrial business parks operate, we are in a position to advise, consult, plan and roll out our installations efficiently and with ease. This puts our technical team in a position to commence installations and complete installations on deadlines as we understand the pressures coming from tenants, contractors, landlords etc.

Electric fencing COC’s are only issued on electric fence installations done and completed by our in-house technical team. Capital Guarding do NOT¬†issue any form of paperwork for other contractors or subcontractors.

Access control, booms etc. are hardware products which are installed to either perform physical and digital access control or to be used to slow down the flow of traffic. This creates an orderly flow of traffic but at the same time minimizes the risk for any breaches in security protocols as the slowing down of traffic allows the security officers to have better observation opportunities during peak hours.

Our technical teams have all required equipment on them at all times and they generally carry enoug
h parts and tools to complete some of the most complicated callouts without having to drive back and forth to suppliers to try and source hardware parts.