CCTV Surveillance

Private and Remote Monitoring

At Capital Guarding, we take immense pride in our prowess as leading experts in the realm of CCTV surveillance installations. Our specialization spans a comprehensive spectrum, encompassing Analog, IP, and even innovative solar-powered installations, all meticulously designed to meet your unique security needs.
What sets our CCTV surveillance installations apart:

Versatile Solutions: Whether you require a traditional Analog setup, a modern IP network, or seek the sustainability of solar- powered installations, we possess the proficiency to tailor a solution that aligns seamlessly with your objectives.
Hikvision Excellence: Our partnership with Hikvision, a global leader in surveillance technology, ensures that our installations are backed by the industry’s most advanced and trusted equipment.

Dahua Innovation: By specializing in Dahua technology, we bring you the forefront of surveillance innovation, enabling you to harness cutting-edge features for optimal security.

Meticulous Design: Our installations are characterized by meticulous planning, strategic placement, and a keen focus on capturing the most critical areas for comprehensive coverage.

Seamless Integration: We ensure that your CCTV surveillance system integrates harmoniously with your existing security infrastructure,providing a unified solution for enhanced vigilance.

We approach each project with meticulous attention to detail, conducting site assessments, devising customized plans, and executing with precision to fortify your security posture.